Amateur Nationals Training

The Nations’ premier motocross and supercross training facility

Our training is always changing based on whichever Amateur National is coming up next in our riders schedule.

Loretta Lynns training, we focus on longer motos, being well acclimated to the heat, and spending a lot more time working deep rutted corners. All essential tools for being prepared for doing well at Lorettas. We also prep our tracks similar to Lorettas so it gets deeper ruts, and a lot more braking bumps.

Ricky Carmichael’s SX at Daytona National training. For that particular event we have a professional track builder come to our facility, and build the exact replica of the track, one month prior to the race, with the exact same dirt as Daytona, so our riders are totally comfortable when they arrive to race.

Every Amateur National is different. They have different dirt, different track layouts and also different formats. Having won these Nationals myself as a racer and as a trainer, there’s absolutely nobody that does their due diligence in in preparing riders like we do for every Amateur National throughout the year.