Tracks at Moto X Compound

The Nations’ premier motocross and supercross training facility

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Track was built by Dream-Traxx, the builder that all the top pros use.

We’re the only Dream-Traxx built training facility in the country.

MotoX Compound is the Nations’ premier motocross and supercross training facility.

We have multiple outdoor motocross style tracks and professional level supercross tracks ready to test the skills of beginners to professionals!

Our tracks are well groomed and maintained to ensure quality training surfaces and of course safety.

Supercross and Arenacross

MotoX Compound has a full scale professional Supercross and Arenacross track.

We will be offering a Amateur SX track in the fall of 2016.

If your a pro rider looking for exact replicas and full scale tracks.
We have you covered!

All of our tracks are groomed and watered daily to insure perfect training conditions.

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